The Weeping Rose Covenant


First formed nearly a decade ago, The Weeping Rose Covenant was formed by the one now called The Night Mother, and a chosen of Hala called Vanquist LeNore. Together they merged both men and women into a single hospice. For a time they flourished in the slums of Vallaki. Growing in number and attaining nearly a dozen brothers and sisters who stood alongside them in unity. Eventually garnering even trusted help from those outside their beliefs.Over time their numbers and presence drew attention and they endured the loss of some of their kin and were driven underground into the Drain. Offering their aid to the drain in payment for sanctuary for themselves.From there they rebuilt and flourished once more. Over the years gaining a measure of respect and a place among those shunned from the surface. As time has gone on many sisters and brothers have perished to time, misadventure or persecution. Leaving The Night Mother the sole survivor of its origins.Over time the covenant has risen in smaller size through the tears, never quite garnering the numbers it once had. With time it has always seemed to fall back to The Night Mother being the sole survivor and member of the covenant that has carried on the dying ember of what they once were.

Who Runs it?

The Night Mother

Eve is always seen in a long tattered gown that looks as if it were a mix of a wedding gown and a mourners gown. Every bit of the woman is clad in some form of black garment. A heavy black veil hung over her face to conceal and obscure her features. All that shows of her are the long white talons that pierce through the tips of her gloves.The embodiment of a mother, Eve shows exceptional compassion and kindness to all who seek her. Almost always only ever seen at night under the open sky she has carved out a reputation for herself. One of wisdom, compassion, and acceptance to all who seek her.


The Weeping Rose exists to ease the suffering of others. Through mundane and magical means. Often seeing more to those shunned by society. The twists, freaks, caliban, and outsiders. Those forced into the shadows and night.As most who follow the Mother. they ever seek the destruction of Hags whenever they may be. Traveling to distant lands when needed if they believe others cannot combat a Hags influence.Unlike most who follow the Mother, the Weeping Rose Covenant chooses to dwell in the dark and night—often existing in a state of neutrality between most, avoiding choosing sides.Often seen as rather neutral and peaceful the brothers and sisters of The Weeping Rose spend their days administering aid to those in the drain by bringing goods from the surface to the drain in the form of preserved food goods, fresh food, clean water, clothing. Materials to ease life in the drain like new lumber, and metal. Helping repair damage and build new furniture for those there.Primarily though tucked away onto the broken bridge they erect a small hospice of sorts to tend to the few who seek help from them. Either by mundane means in the form of tonics, bandages, and the like. Or by healing magic for those who welcome it.While events have pushed the Covenant more out of the drain and to the surface. As well as being about in the day. They still remain tethered to their origins.

Relics of The Convenant

ꕥ The Weeping Rose Dagger - Aquired by The Night Mother & Vanquist Lenore and from which they chose to name themselves after.The vistani know her as Regina d'Ghiaccio - The Queen of Ice - Jezra Wagner. Many adventurers have wandered up to the grim Mount Baratak. Many of them never to return again.One of these adventurers a woman named Iriya Carmitru saw her whole company already being turned into icy statues. Some of them shattered into myriads of pieces. In the last desperate act she leapt forward to push her dagger into the heart of Jezra Wagner. In her horro she realised that although it had pierced her it seemed not to harm the dire queen. With a malicious grin the queen removed the dagger and looked upon Iriya with sorrow."I just want to feel tour warmth one time" were the last words Iriya heard as she was weeping, kneeling before the queen. It is said the queens hear was filled with pitifulness for at least some seconds. Which made her lay down the dagger next to Iriya's icy corpse into the tears that she had cried and which had turned into a pudddle of icy crystals...."Location: The Night Mother

ꕥ Ring Of Hala - A bronze disk that was bestowed upon The Night Mother and Vanquist Lenore after they fended off a Hag attack.Description: A bronze disk wraps around the finger stretching from between the knuckle of the hand to the middle of the finger. With the engraving of nine circles forming one big one. In the center is a picture of Hala - a woman in wide waving robes. Around the circle, an inscription reads: Among the weave all are equal. If one suffers - so you are too. If one is happy - so you are too.Location: Inturned with Vanquist

ꕥ Ring of Two Wish - The powerful relic was recovered while in a twisted memory/wish of another. The ring is said to be a powerful relic that would grant any two wishes asked of it by its beholder. The first wish was used by a wizard who had become slaves to his desire for power. His wish ill spoke merged the desires of all those with him forming an incoherent consciousness that formed an alternate plane-like existence. In which, the lands constantly changed to the various personalities that controlled the plane. Eventually, one by one each personality was slain, the ring was recovered by those trapped within the plane. The remaining wish was used by one named Miuo Nevai. The wish like the one before it, was twisted and not granted as the wisher desired. Eventually ends in a final battle between the dominant personality, the Wizard. After his defeat, the single remaining personality that proved to be of a goodly nature sacrificed his life to find the peace that he now craved. His final gift was a scroll that would allow the holder to return to where ever they originally came from. The scroll's Location is now unknown.Description: Silver, ornate, elegantly crafted with delicate markings and designs.Location: The Night Mother

ꕥ Ring of the Fraternity of Shadows - A ring found in the realm created by the ring of two wish. Possessing power over darkness. Giving the wearer the ability to call it forth.Description: This ring is made in the shape of two intertwined asps clutching a black onyx in their mouth.Location: The Night Mother

ꕥ Terg Warrior Mask & RobeDescription: Taken from one of the victims of a demon. It is said the demon used these masks to invade the mind of the wearer. Using their eyes to see through. The mask and robe claimed from one of its fallen servants.Location: The Night Mother

ꕥ Werecrocodile Scale - The scale belonged to the werecrocodile Acastus Kolya who returned to Barovia in the year 776 to claim vengeance for his exiled parents.
Not even silvered steel could make a scratch on this scale unless it was magically enchanted, however flint and obsidian would have considerable impact upon it.
Description: The scale was given to The Night Mother, after a act of compassion and aiding the werecrocodile to return the one known as Setara to life after she came into its clutches.Location: The Night Mother

Records of The Covenant


ꕥ We believe in the love of the Mother and the benevolence revealed to, and handed down by, the thirteen. To grow in a relationship with the Mother by using the gifts of faith and reason to see and do as she has shown us.ꕥ We believe in service to the common good, respect for the individual, compassion, and benevolence. To demonstrate goodwill, humility, trust, accountability, justice, faithfulness, obedience, peace, and honor.ꕥ We believe seeking counsel and listening should lead to wise resolution and action. To engage all members of the covenant on important matters so leaders make good decisions.ꕥ We believe that daily discipline and practice of virtue lead to learning, freedom, and greatness. To personally strive for excellence in all things, practicing cardinal and theological virtues until they become habit.ꕥ We pledge to uphold the dignity of every life from the beginning of life to its natural end. To be open to the multitude of persons who exist alongside us. To be seen as equal and worth the same as any other.

Covenant Rules


ꕥ Harm no Sister or Brotherꕥ Covenant affairs are not to be divulged to outsidersꕥ Conspiring with a Hag is a unforgivabe act. A Sister or Brother caught doing so will be deemed "Blackened" and shunned by the covenant.ꕥ Brothers and Sisters are equal under the covenant


ꕥ Follower of Halaꕥ Can be any race/genderꕥ More Good/Neutral preferred but lawful and neutral evil can find a place among them.


Discord: #Miuo2377
Game Account: Princess_Miuo